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September 08, 2006



Very pretty! I love the picture in front of the window. I need to give lace a go one of these days.


That's a beautiful shawl. It sounds like you are having a good time in your new house.

Mary de B

Very pretty! Horses, though big, must be easier to deal with than the raccoons and skunks we have.


I know what you mean. I've just (July) moved from a ground floor flat to a house. Ooof those stairs... But it is very nice having a dining room!

hPNY knits

I love the colors! I am still to find how lace is a quick project...


Wow, it looks so lovely!! Oh, upstairs, too many goings up and down for me: I have a Californian Bungalow, even though I am about as far away from California as you can get. NZ got good coverage here recently when the Maori Queen died...


It is to pretty, I love the yarn and the colors!


I like the way the colours ripple across diagonally, that's very pretty.


Pleased to hear you are getting accustomed to the view and the stairs....the children must love having all the extra room.

Shawl looks lovely, but bring it in from the garden quickly before the horse or some other roving livestock eats it.

Me, I'm not a country lover, would rather look out onto people and shops (esp. yarn and book ones) and I like concrete under my feet and a 7/24 shop on the next corner.....


The shawl is so beautiful, I just had to download it, yet another to add to my growing pile! Glad you're settling into country life....wait til the moles arrive. Now they're great fun ;)


The shawl is beautiful, glad you are enjoying your new house.


I love your shawl colour, I have nearly finished my second one, except I have run out of yarn with 70 sts to cast off, now just have to find yarn that matches!
Hope you get rid of the horse easily.


how beautiful! And isn't it amazing what a difference blocking makes?


I love that shawl, it's climbing higher up in the to-do list every time someone posts a photograph! Hope the horse didn't bite!
You'll have to update your blog photo now that you're not living in Clapham!

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