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September 28, 2006



you can buy slipper bottoms - I have some from Germany - which have fleece on the upper side and sheepskin on the bottom. You're going to have fabulous winter photos!


Even that small amount of mist can't stop me thinking, what a view!

Know how you feel about metal needles....



what a great view even with mist, those slipper bottoms look great but I like the idea of sheepskin ones.


I love your photo. Ah if only that were the view from my door.


Hmmmm, don't know what happened with Sock Wars - I am still waiting for my dossier....you can always make those socks for me (love the colour)


What a lovely view. Looks like you've got a time machine window there...you could walk out and be in the 18th, 19th, or 20th century, right? and no one the wiser. Methinks she doth have autumn fever...


Sorry the Sock Wars didn't work out. Hope you get your mojo back soon.


Sorry about the sock wars, but I love the color. OK I must be crazy but I love the mist photo. The only mist or fog we get here is SMOG.


I LOVE that yarn, what is it?

I'm using those suede bottoms for my frlted clogs right now and let me just tell you they are VERY hard to sew on, very hard on the hands! If I knew that before I bought these I would use some of the paint on no-skid stuff instead! Just a caveat for you!


Somewhere I have seen some soles for knitted slippers that have the holes round the edge already made.....

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