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August 05, 2006



I've never done that heel. I do a regular short-row heel and toe. Good luck, with both the socks and your move!


I don't have that book so can't help you with the heel. I do have the instructions for a garter stitch short row heel though, lovely and cushy and seems to work every time. Let me know if you want it and I'll forward it to you.

Best of luck with your moving, definitely a stressful time.


I can't believe with everything going on that you're back at the short row heel.....it did make me laugh! It is awful thinking a bit of knitting beat you though isn't it? Kind of thing that just makes you even more determined ;)

I think the stages moving is a good idea. We did that on our last move and would try it again if we could. The thought of trying to move ourselves, my yarn AND a house full of animals all in one go is too much to even think about.....

Hope everything goes smoothly for you ;)

And I gave in and had to order some STR.....


I don't have this book with me, but have you tried a k3tog tbl? That might tighten it up. One thing I try to do with short rows of any sort is knit tightly near the turning points so there's not much give.

We're just back into civilisation, hopefully you'll be settled in soon! Don't forget us here in London should you be passing through.


Congrats on the almost move! LOL. No help with the short row heels, however I'll be looking at the comments with baited breath so I can see how to do them. They frustrate me to death.

Also, as an alumni to the long drawn out moving process (almost 2 months), hang in there!


Good luck with the last stages of your house move! Sounds like it's all almost done now.

No help to offer with the short row heels, I'm afraid - I seem to be unable to a) remember how to do them, so I need to look it up every time, and b) to count and/or remember where I am, knit-wise, so I usually have at least one mistake in there...


As Dawn mentioned, a K3 tog through the back loop has worked for me in the past. I do seem to remember that last time I used that heel I was thinking "next time I'm going to try centered decreases instead of right- and left-leaning decreases and see what happens." But I haven't, so I can't say if it's horrible or not.


Good Luck with the move. We're currently in the process of remortgaging which isn't nearly as exciting - but does give us a bit extra cash in our pockets each month - hurray.


Good luck with your move - it sounds like your pretty well-organised!

Mary de B

Good luck with the move. Having just moved (back into my house full of stuff) I know it's a wretched process, but it'll be fine in a week or a month or ... well, really, things will settle down sometime! And isn't it fun finding all that yarn and old projects?


I've recently discovered Wendy's (wendyknits.com) shortrows for toes and heels. Knitty had a step by step photo article about it too.

I really liked how easy it was to remember, as I have a horrible memory, and I was able to do the short rows from memory while knitting in a bank teller line. Maybe taking a peek at Wendy's shortrows will help.

Woolly Wormhead

Hang on a moment... I only went away for a week and a half, and true, have been recovering for another week and been a bit lax - but a big house move such as this doesn't happen that quickly! When, how, did I miss all of this?


Best of luck with the finding of the things in the mountain of bags & boxes. We are just settling into our rented house in rural Berkshire, so know exactly how it is! But today was a good day for me and we found at least 3 of the kids' things that had been misplaced!


You'll have to post lots of pics once you get settled in Somerset--you know my fondness for your photographic chronicling of the English countryside.

Will you be in and around London for Ally Pally? Kristine and I will be there in full force and it wouldn't be the same without you....


Hello, I found you through The Blue Blog. I have to confess that the only short-row heel I managed to get through was using the Sherman Heel method. Even then, I didn't like it, and have gone back to the heel flap method. It fits my foot, it's pretty and, I think, dead simple. I don't know what the fuss is all about.

Good luck with the sock, and with your move!

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