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August 20, 2006



i like Bianca's jacket too... it's pretty and elegant...and was also thinking of a dark red. Tell me which yarns you decide to go with


i'm on my second attempt at the Swallowtail - i managed to drop a stitch which laddered 80 rows - don't know how as the rest of the alpaca was a pita to undo!

Hope the rest of the move goes well

Sarah HB

Good luck with the final move!

anne hanson

good luck with your move and thank you for linking to my website!


much luck on the move and remember to treat your back gently, chica. And when you can, send pictures of the cottage and the kidlings, mmmK? I'd sent you some heat from Miami but it would come with nasty humidity and you'd not llikely thank me! big hug.


How funny - I've just sent off for that shawl pattern! Glad to hear things are going well.


love the jacket, and the shawl. Can't wait to see the cottage.


By my calculations you must be moving in today then! - welcome to your new home!!


Hope the move has gone as well as can be expected, and that you will soon be settled comfortably in your new home. I had my eye on Bianca's jacket too.......


i can't wait to see your new place - i've always had a yearning to move 'to the country' but have never quite managed to work out the logistics (ie how i could earn a living).


Oh I cannot wait until we have sock weather here! It's lovely that your move has inspired your creativity.

As for the p5 tog, I did the Madli's Shawl which was a P7 tog and there are two things you could try. One is to make those stitches VERY VERY loose on the row before you purl them together. This really works when you loosen up and go with it and the stitches lie neatly in a row all perfect. Or barring that, you could slip 4, purl one and pass the slipped 4 over it. Some others may recommend a crochet hook and that probably works too if you don't mind adding the extra tool to the mix.


I finished the Swallowtail and quite pleased with the outcome. I did go nuppless though since I was using cotton and didn't like the way they looked.


I just started the swallowtail shawl for my MIL, so far I am liking it! But I can only knit on it when the boys are both in bed....

Hope your move went well and that you treated your back gently!!!


Missing you! Just wanted to stop by and say so. A bit incommunicado at the moment but can we make sure we get to catch up at Ally Pally? A.x

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