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July 20, 2006


Rachel H

The shawl looks gorgeous, a little too ambitious for me, but curious to see how it turns out. It's hot here too and I'm using it as an excuse to make the kids nap in the afternoon and for me to knit! LOL.


Too hot here as well. Love the colors in the shawl.


I think your plying attempt looks good. I haven't dared to try out the spindle that I bought at Woolfest, it's still sitting waiting for me to pluck up courage to give it a go, as is the dye kit I bought too! I'm using the excuse that I don't have a microwave for not starting to dye!


It's no cooler in Canterbury :(

I agree it is awful trying to knit in the heat!


I love the shade of this yarn for the shawl! You're right they are the right colours for Autumn...


I love the colours for the shawl and despite your excuses, I think your handspun yarn looks great!!


please sort out the heat thing so that it's a nice 25 max when i get there in two weeks!

love the swirl cushion; can't wait to see it finished.


I've not started the Diamond Fantasy nor the swirl cushion yet. Isn't this heat oppresive? I can hardly do any work.

Love that STR colour too.


The shawl is looking lovely in the STR yarn. Gotta love their colors!

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