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July 11, 2006



Oh what a lovely looking walk. Does it have a name? I'd like to try it next time I'm up in the Lakes (if I can persuade anyone to come with me as far as Buttermere. We usually stay in Crook near Windermere, and do more reading than hiking). I LOVE the colour of those trekking socks. Can't wait to see them finished!


What wonderful pictures! The Lake District is one of the parts of the UK that I've wanted to visit for years and still haven't managed to get to... Maybe now that we are living in 'The North'. ;-)


Beautiful scenery but that walk looks steep! Did you take the children? Bet they really needed that beer! I've just bought a wide brimmed straw hat (in anticipation for some sunny weather) but I look a right pratt in it.


Wow, gorgeous pictures! I'm so glad you posted them. The perfect trek for the sock.

Beth S.

Good heavens! I want to get on a plane NOW. What an amazing place! Did you read some Wordsworth while you were at it? :-)

I think I have some of that same Trekking in the stash! Lovely stuff.


My, aren't you the active ones! It's a nice combination... countryside and fibrery goodness. Out of interest, could you not have walked down the grassy bits on either side of the loose-stoned path to the small lake? Or is that considered bad form when out walking... erosion and all?
I like the hat. Hats are cool.


Thank you for posting the pictures, what fabulous views. I was looking closely to see if I recognised any of the places. The cold beer sounded really good too. My parents use to bring us to Wales every year for vacation. The socks look great.


Ahh Buttermere....I managed to lead my younger sister into a bog losing a welly on the way, whilst staying there many moons ago. Dad had to wade in and rescue her plus the boot. Happy days ;)
Looks like you had the perfect ending to a lovely little getaway. I'm feeling quite jealous.


Great socks and great scenery. I love the Lake District.

PS. My favourite sign is the one that says "The South-West" at Bristol. Or the "Penzance" train at Paddington....


You always have the best pictures--I just love your photos of the English countryside. So beautiful and inviting.


I was at Woolfest, too, but didn't see you! I thoroughly enjoyed it too - I've never been to Ally Pally, but think I might have to rectify that this year....


7 hour drive.....oh boy it doesn't bear thinking about! I hope Woolfest & the haul made it all worthwhile ;)


wonderful pictures. I would soooo like to come to GB this year. my husband and I did travel there several times in the past. Everytime we did so it was like coming home, I'm really a bit of homesick.

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