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July 27, 2006



That's fantastic - congrats on escaping London!


ooh how exciting! well, not the no electricity thing, but you know what i mean. hope we get to see those pictures soon, and that maybe you will find a spare five minutes in your hectic schedule and be able to meet up when i come to london in a couple of weeks!

Sarah HB

Ack. Good luck with the move at work & home.


That's wonderful and exciting! I can't wait to see pictures of the new place!


good luck! I envy you village life but not the packing up that goes with moving. Hopefully most of the packing is done now. Will you be popping back up to london?


very exciting. Moving is always a bear, but a good garden is a wonderful thing.


Good luck with the move! I hope your new place in Somerset is lovely.


Good luck with the move! We did a similar move nearly three years ago and it was the best thing that we ever did. It takes a little bit of getting used to a slower pace but it's all for the good. Actually, slower seems to infer that it's bad - perhaps I should say a 'different' pace.

Hope that the electricity is all that it should be now....

Carol Wessel

All the best for the move.

Look forward to seeing more of you over this way.


Oh wow - good luck with your move. That is fantastic news.

Sorry to hear about your electricity shortage - that must have been unbearable.


What wonderful news! Congratulations!


A double move, you poor thing! Don't let it get too stressful, make sure you have plenty of time to knit and unwind, yourself that is, not the knitting.


Good luck with both moves!


Good luck with the move, even though it will be hectic. Can't wait to see the pictures.


Oh congratulations and good luck. As someone who made the break from London life to village life almost 2 years ago I can tell you that you'll never look back. We're so happy to have made the move and I hope you all will be too. x


Congrats on the move! I hope it goes smoothly for you.


Good luck with all your packing - take care of all the yarn!


Good luck with the move.

hPNY knits

oh, wow! big change. hope you have a smooth move, and hope you'll still come to Ally Pally in October!


Ooh how exciting! Whereabouts in Somerset then are you moving to? No doubt you'll become a regular at the Mall then.....seeing as its the nearest Rowan stockist!

Driving will be a must for sure. Public transport in the West Country is a totally different thing than in London, that is for sure ;)

BTW, I'm booked on the 9.30 from W-S-M on the Thursday for the AP show if you're still planning on going.


That's just too exciting! No surprise that you've headed for Somerset - I'm sure you will love country life and the children will too. Like Kerrie said, you won't ever want to go back, except to shop for yarn occasionally!


Som-murr-set! Very nice! Always a stressful thing to do (moving that is)(x 2)(Yuck)....but the excitement of a new place is even better. We will be here when you get a chance to update us!


so exciting! can't wait to see the pictures.


i love somerset! had a very good friend who lived in hinton st.george, lovely.


Very exciting, good luck with your move.

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