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July 15, 2006


hPNY knits

I'd say you did rather well! spinning has become the rage in NYC as well. I have never done it before, but my knitting group is having some spinning meetings. it looks like so much fun to do!
I say- go for the wheel!

oh, and i plan to go to London for the Ally Pally event!


I just found your blog...well I have been learking for a week or so...anyway I love it. I super love that you love to knit socks and lace...my two favorite things. And what is Ally Pally? I'm from Utah (USA) so no clue there. Keep up the inspiring knitting....loving it.


People say you shouldn't learn on a wheel till you've really got the hang of a spindle but I found it easier to learn on a wheel. I still can't use a spindle properly, except as something to entertain kittens with.


I didn't meet you ! I must hold the record for the most people not met. So sorry. I was there. Honest. You bought some lovely stuff. It is strangely overwhelming. So much fab knitting & spinning stuff,so many small companies/sellers and loads of ''our people''. Really passionate about the wool...alpaca,mohair,angora,silk,hemp... !
Next year lets make a fixed date. I just assumed that everyone would recognise the rerally fat woman with the beautiful boy in the wheelchair ! ;-]


Some yummy things there. My camera's on the blink, so I haven't shown off my purchases yet. Probably Ally Pally will catch me up before I get the camera sorted!


I so enjoy your blog and the wonderful photos. Thank you for sharing part of your world with us. All the best from a reader in the US.


Hmmm, your new stash looks great, I love that J+S hand-dyed. Next year I am definitely planning my escape better and will make it to Woolfest.


Oooh - looks like you had a great time. I'm looking forward to seeing how your spinning turns out. That is a great new stash! You're very lucky - that sock yarn your mother chose is lovely!


I can't believe you are counting days until Ally Pally, you insane mad woman! Very envious of the Woolfest, I think next year we should organise a group trip. A.x


well thank god your mother got you some str! i'm sure you would have run out of yarn without it ;-)

lovely purchases all of them and lovely str. now show us your spinning!


brilliant haul! Did you prime your mother on the STR yarn? You won't be disappointed - just have to choose what to knit, lace or socks! Three months to AP - wow, better start saving up. Impossible these days!


Those sock yarn skeins have me drooling.

Thanks for the generous offer of Digestives. However we do actually get them here, and as I have an English husband I purchase them fairly often. You're right, they are not as rough as HobNobs. I thought it was just my imagination!

Beth S.

That's a very respectable haul! I'm curious about what the grey laceweight will become. That's enough for a nice big shawl, I think!

And HOORAY for the spindle! Now we want to see some handspun. ;-)


I think that you haul is very respectable indeed but I know what you mean about being in a daze and thinking "where did they buy that" when looking at other blogs! Glad you like spinning. A wheel is a must but be sure to get some lessons first so it doesn't just become part of the furniture:)


Looks like you had alot of fun. Great buys. I love the sock wool.

Woolly Wormhead

And now I'm late popping by to have a perusal at your haul!

That's a fab lot of stuff your bought there, must say. P&M sell kemex dyes, so must have been Scottish fibres. And so happy to see the spinning bug is spreading ;)


Aren't moms the best? I think it's best to learn on a drop spindle, starting with the "park and draft" method first to get the hang of the fiber drafting. But then everyone learns differently. Don't by a wheel until you get a chance to learn about them and get a chance to try as many as possible. You'll know the right wheel when you sit in front of it. Welcome to the dark side!


Oh yes, excellent haul!

I'm going Ally Pally on Thurs this year again.

And I am SO JEALOUS of your STR yarn that I've gone GREEN WITH ENVY.....where did your mum get it????


At Ally Pally last year I bought a drop-spindle.

Last Friday I bought a wheel.

I think I held out admirably.

Spinning is fun on a spindle, but is *so* much more fun on a wheel.


lovely haul... didn't get there this year, so looking forward to the next one!

Where did your mum get the STR yarn?

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