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June 06, 2006



I'm knitting the shadow shawl with Koigu, it is one of the best wools to knit with. I agree, it is very dangerous having a wool store close by.


oooh! shopping! i need to start seriously saving up for my trip in august, i see. don't empty the shop until i get there!


Wow - that shop looks amazing! I'm definitely going to have to make my way to Putney very soon.

Dyer Maker

oh, I have a feeling you will actually like my yarn:-) I did have a little accident with it, but there will be some compensation for it...


It's just a short walk for me! This is just bad news for my bank account! And i can't see me just going there once a month either, and buying a couple of balls of koigu!


Putney - my old stomping ground. Many years ago there was a yarn store right near East Putney tube that I walked past everyday - they sold a lot on Pengoiun etc if I remember rightly. Looks like this new one is in a similar location. Will have to take a look when I am home.


For Carol - I remember the one by East Putney Station - but this new one is the other side of the big crossroads - much nearer Putney Main Line Station. Just so that you know......


Oh, my, sounds like a great shop - and just what you need - more temptation, right? :)


Mmmm... I used to live very close to Putney so I can imagine right where it is. I think I'm going to have to make a trip there soon as I'm very tempted!


Oh lucky you! A new stash shop near you with lots of new yarns to fondle - makes JL seem a bit boring in comparison.....

HPNY knits

good to know. I plan to be in London in october for the Knitting and Stitching Show,


BAD Mary - bad bad Mary - don't tell me things like that....I can't afford another swap/purchase at the moment.....how I wish I lived back in Kew. Sigh


Well, I think you were VERY restrained. What the hell were you thinking??!!? get back in there and buy more something, eh? sheesh. don't make me come back over there...hehe.


Oh, how wonderful! Thanks for sharing.


FUN! I am not knitting much right now but might be fun to go and take a look. Will have to keep it in mind as chances are looking like I will be in London next weekend! :)


Thanks for the photos Mary, looks like an outing is in the offing!


You lucky, lucky thing - I wish I lived nearer!

Beth S.

Oooh, that red Koigu! Nice choice. :-)

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