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June 27, 2006



ahhh lovely yarn ... i have that zebra too - it's so cool.

if only my private jet wasn't in for repairs this weekend i'd join you for woolfest in a flash.

Beth S.

Very exciting haul! I just got my first Fleece Artist too, and it was a moment to remember. :-)


Great yarn, I love them all.


Wow. That's quite a haul you've got there! Looks like you've got plenty of fun lined up for yourself (and keep the zebra stripes, they're too cool to give away!)


Don't you just love the Fleece Artist? We just got it in last week at Knit Happens. I have some tucked away waiting to become socks, naturally, and perhaps a lace shawl. Love the picture of you and Jacinta.

Woolly Wormhead

Great haul - proper shopping ;) There are going to be *loads* of us at WoolFest this year - I'll look out for you!


Nice haul! Aren't there just yards and yards of the Cherry Tree Hill merino? I have some and it's quite novel to find that I have much, much more than the "yarn requirements".

PS. Didn't Bristol Rovers have a player in the World Cup?


I must try the Fleece Artist stuff - next sock! I wish I'd bought a bit more LL solids, those colours are great.
Have a brilliant time at woolfest!


A great haul! You got some really yummy stuff. I have a skein of the Zebra, too. :)


You re such a bad influence. You know I'm going to have to go there now!

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