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June 20, 2006


Sarah HB

We are cheering for England!

Hubby is from Kingston Upon Thames.

Go England!


I see no green. Maybe Toby should get his eyes checked? How long does it take you to 'whip up' socks? Good grief! My last pair (well, I'm almost finished with them!) took me about 3 months. That's pretty cool that your son's in scouts. I am looking forward to when my son is old enough.


He'll only need one pair of socks for scout camp - you don't expect him to change his clothes, do you?


It's blue! Maybe Toby has some sort of colour blindness. Have you noticed how crap itv are with the commentary on the matches? It's driving me crazy. They seem to prefer chatting to each other than commenting on the live action of the match!


Nope, definitely no green. I know some boys (aged 5) whose favourite colour is pink so he might be ok with lilac.


I see no green. Ilove the socks.

Mary de B

I'd say rust and indigo, rather than orange and green! Not Chrismassy at all...


Actually (and it might just be my monitor) they do seem to have a trace of green to them....

They look good anyhow!


Whatever color they are, I like them! For the record, I see blue, lilac, and orange.


Those are nice colors for anyone, and I see blue. If he doesn't want them I'll take those socks! It's a great colorway. What's the brand?


Great colorway...please do share the brand. I see what they used to call aquamarine. A deep blue with some green within but closer to blue than green. Of course, no one ever agrees with me on colors.

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