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May 25, 2006



ooh love the black and white print - is that from Liberty?


Love the the wool you dyed, I think my favorite is the reddish one.


I love the purple one!


I like both! You're not sewing something, are you?! My knitting's pretty slow as well, I seem to be buying new yarn rather than knitting old yarn!


Oh, pretty purpley yarn! I so know what you mean about "so, I'll distract you so you don't notice I haven't been knitting!" :)


I like the purple skein, but it'll be interesting to see how each of them turns out when knitted. I lined up several projects today and knitted a bit on each in turn - gave me a false sense of control!


You're foray into yarn dying is impressive. I love the richness of the colors.


Great fabric - I'm looking forward to seeing what it turns into. Your dyeing is impressive - are you thinking of perhaps some socks?


Mmm, the purple is lovely! Thanks for the notes on your methods -- I'm hoping to give this a try myself....


ahh.... the purple skein is definitely my favourite... wonderful subtle varigations. If you do another using that method, would you take some photos? I'm not quite clear on what you mean...


I'll have the purple skein please ;) It's gorgeous. Where did you collect all those buttons from - they are really pretty. A.x

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