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May 15, 2006



Fabulous! I love those socks. What a great pal.


Lovely socks! I don't know how you've managed to get a photo, I had to take about 20 shots! Hmmm, more sock yarn as well, what a lovely gift.

Dyer Maker

So pretty! And such classy colors, that um? green and the sand color...niiice!


Beautiful socks, I love the pattern.

Mary de B

I'm glad you got such great socks! That's a cool pattern, too.

Yet another Mary...


Wonderful socks!!!


They are gorgeous!

Beth S.

Ooo! Those are lovely. They seem to fit you nicely, too. I must try that pattern one of these days! :-)


They're gorgeous! Lucky you. :)


How glamorous to have Californian socks! They look so pretty - and sock yarn too! Do you have a pattern in mind for it?


Great socks! I just got mine this week too and I LOVE them as well!!

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