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May 09, 2006



I was very tempted by Backtack 3, but the timing was just not right for me!

I used to sew a lot more than I do now, but I am always nervous of cutting fabric. There is no going back once it's cut! Knitting always seems so much "safer" because the wool can always be recycled! I also like that I can sit in a comfy chair and knit; sewing always feels more like work. But I have recently been thinking of making some dresses for my daughter. Maybe next year!

Good luck with all the crafty projects (and avoiding that pollen!)


Good luck, though I can't imagine anyone getting pleasure out of sewing! I only sew under duress and gave away my sewing machine!
The dyeing sounds fun though.


Summer hits the knitting industry! The fabric shops around you are rubbing their hands in glee. Crewel work is simply beautiful...I have a handy link for kits if you fancy a kit ;)


You might like to look at this http://www.almostrandom.com/needlesnhooks/ for a nifty way to prepare your skein for dyeing. Much better than the one in the book, which looks to be highly impractical.

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