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May 02, 2006



Do you have a pattern you are going to go with for the cardigan? I am dreaming of a simple cardi with some cables myself.


Thanks for delurking on my blog with reading suggestions!

Can't help with the Rowan I'm afraid. And by the way, you do know that Rowan Denim turns your fingers a frightening shade of blue, don't you? ;)


Go get some Denim, you know you want to ;) I think it's so affordable too considering the price of some Rowan yarn, plus you'll have exactly what you want with something that will look better and better the more you wash it. How great is that? Ok I've convinced myself. I want some now!

Beth S.

Tuscany is one of my favorite LL colo(u)rways. Excellent choice!

I've got some Denim stashed away... I did try knitting with it once, and it turned my fingers (and my bamboo needle) blue, just like an earlier commenter pointed out. I'd definitely use a metal or plastic needle with it next time. Word to the wise. ;-)

Could it be time for a Denim knitalong?...


I don't think I have any of this either. I vote for splashing out on some denim - it's nearly summer and soon you won't be able to wear the wool. Is the sl st sock pattern from Sensational socks? that could keep you going until you get to the yarn shop.


got some 704 but no 703 sorry.


I can't imagine why they call them 'sleepovers' since sleep is the last thing that happens. I like the socks but can't help with the Rowanspun - isn't that the yarn that came as a Rowan free gift? I've got the bright colours if so. Could you do something with an accent colour?


Thats how my daughter and son always look the day after a sleepover, I think it should be called an all night play date. The socks look great.


unfortunately although i have some rowanspun in my stash - i don't have that colour. have you checked cucumberpatch. she was selling a whole lot of rowanspun recently.

as far as the rowan denim goes...i say buy it!

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