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May 22, 2006



Sounds like fun! I think that color preferences do run in families... Everyone says I look like my great-grandmother, who was passionate about purple, as am I... Hmm.

Beth S.

That homemade warping board is very awesome. I hope you make many gorgeous skeins with it! :-)


What a fun rainy day!

I haven't ventured into dying yarn, but am very tempted when I see yours!


gosh that looks fun. I would be tempted to do some dying too if I wasn't so paranoid about spilling everything the colours look superb... the tee-shirts are pretty nice too


you'll never have to buy another t-shirt again, they look brilliant! Your yarn's great as well, any plans for it yet? I really need somewhere big before I try this, though in the warmer weather I could probably do a lot of it outside I suppose.


The yarn is gorgeous! I don't think the blue is too bright and it will probably look quite different when knitted up.

HPNY knits

very brave to do a dye job in the flat with the kids!! the result is lovely- good colors, it'll knit very nicely, the blue will pazaz it.


wonderful! i love those colors. but i'm def a blue lover. i think purple is hard and it's dark so it's hard to make it bright. does that make sense?

Carol Wessel

Great results!

By the way your recent post about dressmaking sent me off on a trip down memory lane. Lunch hours leafing through pattern books in Barker and Pollock in Queen St. Stopping off at Centrepoint fabrics on the way home from work more leafing through pattern books!

Looking forward to seeing you in June!



Nice photos as usual mary - thinking about kiddies and crafty dying projects now!


Love the colors in the yarn and warping board is brillant! The tie-dyed t-shirts take me back to when I was a kid and got paid to tie-dye underwear.... Yes, it's true-it was the 60's!


Beautiful! both the yarn and the tshirts. I didn't realize those circular tie dyes were done with marbles. cool.
and, ahem, if you tire of that colourway of yarn I definitely know of a good home for it. heh. yup, that's me, caroline: foster mum of yarn. right.


Now those tee shirts would cost a fortune if you bought them down in Cornwall from some of those shops with the weird names ;)
I agree with everyone else too, the yarn looks great and full marks for your warping board. (Why don't I think of things like that???)


Great yarn - must be very satisfying to create your own colours? I have the Kool Aid kit from Kerrie but I'm still at the 'thinking about it' stage.

The t-shirts are excellent. Perfect for Cornwall - we stop people at the county border to make sure they are carrying cool t-shirts, you know!


What a wonderful yarn! I think it looks great. YOu are so adventurous and I love that you involve the kids in that, even if it is with modifications. I am sure they had an awesome time!!


Love the colors in the wool, I bet the kids had a great time doing the t-shirts, they look great.


What a beautiful dye job! I love the purples in the finished skein. The blue adds a nice kick to the colors as well. :) Can you share what brand of acid dye you used?


I can't wait to see that yarn knitted up. The colours are gorgeous and they'll make a lovely pair of socks. A.x


Oh my! You are so clever! I'm very inspired to do my own space dying. Your colors are beautiful!


Love the homemade warping board, must make me one of them and try out a bit of dying!

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