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May 05, 2006



Not a good time to learn to drive then.....but is it curing your hay fever? It's my eyes that are driving me nuts, plus this itchy rash, I'm on Beconase for the hay fever and have some eye-drops, and take Piriton for rash, but that makes me even more dopey than usual.....

Missed you at Libertys lst night - did you know it was Thursday?

Love and sympathy!


poor mary! hope you feel better soon!

woolfest - i like the sound of that...


well done for finding accommodation! i swear i phoned 20 places before i found somewhere with vacancies.


I'm suffering too! I can't take Beconase as it gives me nose bleeds & have so far taken something from the supermarket. I'm planning on going to the Doctor next week to get something better & may an alternative nasal spray.


My work colleague uses eye drops and nasal spray for the hayfever. I'm like that all of the time with words, but people take no notice now!
Hope it settles down, sometimes these medications take a while.


I sympathise, too. My hayfever has abated a bit over the years, but I know how rotten it can make you feel. I take Piriteze (or Boots version of same). I found the other ones made me very sleepy. I'm going to Woolfest too. Went last year and it was lovely.


Doesn't sound good about the hayfever does it. I think I'd be back at the docs if they made me sleepy. I've used Beconase for years now and thankfully have no problems with that.

I can't believe you don't have any Rowan Denim in your stash! I've got a pack of 20 in cream for the bomber jacket which I'd love to start....if only other quicker projects didn't keep cropping up to tempt me;)


Hi Mary! I received my sockapaloooza socks and I just love them! The colors are gorgeous, the pattern is beautiful, and the fit is perfect. I tried to take pictures but my camera battery has died. I'll replace the battery tomorrow and have pictures on my blog soon. Just wanted to let you know they arrived safely and that I really appreciate them (not to mention the chocolate that came with them!). I hope you get something equally lovely in return from your sock pal!


I sat in the garden yesterday afternoon thinking it was a good idea and ended up sneezing all over my book. Beconase is being inserted into all orifices (well maybe not all...) and the eyes are awash with drops. They've got to find a really good cure some day, or we'll all have soggy knitting!


I hope your hayfever is better soon, I hate when the medication makes you feel horrible. Its very windy here today so mine is terrible, am taking meds my mum brought me from the UK but can't remember what they are called. I would love to be going to Woolfest unfortunately have planned a trip home at the beginning of June, maybe next year.


Hope you feel better soon. Do they have Claritin in the U.K.? It always worked the best for me. It's over the counter now in Canada and in the U.S.
Miss you chica. Will give a shout when I get back from Utah (going there next week).
big hug.


Hope you get adjusted to the medication soon - or get to try a different one.

Mary de B

That Woolfest sounds loverly! I'll be in Cornwall, though!
But the dope sounds terrible. They mowed the common near our house the other day... huuuuuuu-chhooooooo!


Woolfest! I'm SO jealous! Hope you are feel all better soon!

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