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April 07, 2006



no photos? have you thought of a garter stitch border around each square, in one colour for the whole blanket, might tone it down a bit.


Winter is approaching for us "down here" - isn't it lovely to know that somewhere in the world daffodils are flowering!


beautiful picture! and lucky you who got to meet caroline!


I love that picture - particularly the little decoration in the lower right corner.

Bummer about the blanket. Maybe you need to split it into multiple blankets?


Yes, multiple blankets would seem a good idea - interspersed with some plain squares? I thought about this, but decided I would do the method where you knit up the next square from the last one (or two) joining up as you go.


I couldn't resist knitting up a few squares of my own..... I have to say that they are not exactly what I would call 'square' however, more of a kite shape. I blocked one quite severely and managed to make it square - I wondered how your mitres looked fresh off the needles?

Isn't it lovely to be on holiday?!

Mary de B

I love a mitered square myself, but tend to the higgledy-piggledy look, and make the stripes all different sizes. Sewing is indeed a nuisance, though.

For Anita -- are your squares garter stitch or stocking stitch? My garter st ones are always quite nice and square, but I've never figured out a st st one!


Beautiful daffodils!


I'm back, chica, but too jetlagged to post photos yet. It was sooo much fun to get to meet you and play around at least a wee corner of London. At the risk of having all american knitbloggers descend upon you, you are the best London guide/yarn enabler ever! Big hug and more to follow...

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