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April 28, 2006



I have a friend at work who is due soon, and I had decided to do the very same sweater. Looked cute, and also quick to knit. Love the red contrast! I am using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a purple color. Hopefully suitable for a boy or girl!


That's a very sweet little kimono. :)

Beth S.

The blanket stitching makes all the difference. Now it's a very chic little jacket.

The buttons are cute, too. :-)


Very practical putting buttons on and it looks great with the edging. Now you could try some of those cool baby socks from an old IK, just in time for the May Book!


I really like that jacoet and the blanket stitching really gives it a finished look. I have gone through that type of slump myself- you need something that is guaranteed to be fabulous to put you back on the right track!!


Yes, I know that feeling too. Have you got any UFOs hidden away that might look completely different now if you got them out and had another go at them? (Tell me to take my own advice!)


The kimono is just gorgeous - must get that book! Hope that the knitting slump has picked up, maybe try some new yarn?!


The kimono is just darling! Hopefully you'll get out of your slump soon! ((HUGS))


Love the kimono - it's great. Funny how knitting goes sometimes isn't it? Its just to keep us on our toes I reckon...

Dyer Maker

Hey Mary,
I just wanted to let you know you're my swap partner- but no color preferences? You mean I can just go wild?
As to your soap allergy- what do you suggest I use to soak the yarn in? I do have some baby wash that doesn't contain any soap, but it has some lotion content that I'm afraid will coat the fibers... what do you think?

Very cute baby cardi btw!

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