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April 20, 2006



so well said, chica. I've been blogging for just about 2 years and have met just the best people. I love that this community is spread round the world. national borders are so absurd anyway.


It's amazing how a knitting network has developed isn't it, and I'm sure this has spawned loads more knitting businesses and online stores.
I'm looking forward to reading Mason Dixon knitting this w/end - and Fiona Ellis's book is on the way. Did you know that Norah Gaughan has a book out as well?


That's funny; I just ordered both of these with an Amazon gift certificate I got for my birthday!! I can't wait until they arrive...


Thanks for talking about your knit blogging experience - I love hearing about what it's meant to others, because I know what it's meant to me.

I have the MD book on my table now - it just arrived yesterday. :)


I've just come home from holiday to the Mason-Dixon book, and feel the same way, their warmth comes shining through, I'm busy going through the stash, going to make a log cabin blankie!


What an excellent review of that book. I felt the same way when reading it. They captured the blogging experience beautifully- as you do in this post.


Very well said! And why did we not bump into each other, I used to haunt PJ's and JL's knitting departments too. I was at a ?lecture at Ally Pally when Sam handed out slips with her name and address on, suggesting a knitters' group but she lived too far away for me to join in. Were you there too?


oh,so well said.. I used to haunt Liberty seeking knitting companionship...but I think it was the Rowan board that got me to start stashng in a major way. It's like one day waking up and finding so many other people just like me .. I wonder if that's how those star trek conventions started !


Yup, me too. I didn't know there was such a thing as a Rowan world out there, it was fabulous realising there were other knitting addicts out there. I rarely go on the forum these days, but wouldn't be without my membership. Which is about to renew, wonder what the new gift will be....

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