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April 09, 2006



Fun! Today's Stitch Cast podcast is about dyeing, although I haven't listened to it yet.

Hmm, I wonder if you could set up a simple square loom (the kind that look a bunch of nails standing up) and the children could weave squares from their yarn? Or one of those i-cord makers (not the hand crank kind) and they could make cord that could be sewed into coasters or desk mats or something...


Looks great! With the Kool Aid you don't even need vinegar as there is a lot of citric (?) acid in the mix.....I, by the way, sell Ashford Dye and I think it can be sent via post so if you need any let me know!


Great colours, especially the second batch!


Have you seen the "Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook"? I bought a copy last week and there's loads about dyeing (and spinning and then making socks with the resulting yarn) in that - lovely lovely pics too!


How funny, Brooke spent the whole day in the shop with me on Saturday and to prevent us all from going stir crazy I let her loose with the kool aid dyes. She loved it!


I was at the knit shop on Saturday and there were a couple of skeins of yarn one of the girls had done with her kids. They said it was quite fun, and your post does make it look easy....

I think the important thing with that is the process, not the end result- but your skeins look lovely!


I went to a dyeing afternoon at Nic's. We used food dye, cider vinegar, water and the microwave. very inspired but the food dye's still on the shelf!


Your dyed yarn looks great, I did this with no3 son one lunchtime and the microwave beeped just as my neighbour arrived, she thought it was very strange we were taking multi-coloured yarn out the microwave and not lunch!


oh no, don't overdye the vibrant yarn, knit your kids some socks, and they will love ( and wear) them to death....I know my kids did!!!


Welcome to the dark side!


Endoctrinate them young! Mwah ha ha ha! Good for you. The pink and turquoise one is a bit on the bright side but as long as the kids are happy!


Whew! I'm kind of glad I've not tried this yet, as I can imagine that whole worlds of possibilities would dance before my eyes, and then I'd never get anything else done.

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