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April 11, 2006



Oh that sock is beautiful!! And the little sweater will be so cute. I know what you mean about baby knits going so fast, makes me feel like I am a speedy knitter (which I am not). Hopefully the arguements will cease and give you some peace!


I love the dyeing idea! My boys would love to do that.



the sweater looks wonderful. I tell you, if my feet were the size of baby feet i'd have a ton of socks. Of course, i doubt i'd actually be able to walk on the things, so that would be a problem...

Everyone i've read who has knit those socks has enjoyed knitting them. Very tempting.

Karen B.

Yowza! That is one hot sock! What yarn and colourway is that?


Love the sock, and baby clothes are so quick to knit, this should be finished long before the blanket!

Can't wait to see what you've started. I've started three things - so far!


That sock is gorgeous - you definitely need a pair of your own.


Great socks and what a lovely little sweater.


What Karen B. said! tell the yarn and colourway, pleeeeese...

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