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April 01, 2006



Not too bad. I love those Regia Canadian colours. And all your 4 ply too. I wish I had more of that!

Karen B.

Quite nice! Especially the mountain of sock yarn.

Sarah HB

Wow, and I thought my stash was bad! ;)

Pretty colors.


Fairly restrained! You have some yummy sock yarn.


Pretty Koigu!


I'm not sure I'd call it 'fairly restrained'... Impressive, though, and a demonstration of your very good yarny taste. It must be so exciting every time you go stash-diving! ;)


definitely restrained! I admire your habit of frogging, washing and packing away your failed projects, that's what took up time with me yesterday, trying to untangle the stuff.
I'll never get fed up of looking at sock stash either! I think there's a good dozen of us who have paid for the expansion of the libery knitting dept!


what a lovely stash and very restraint indeed. You don't suffer too much from 'my stash is all the same colour...


Definitely fairly restrained! I'm rather impressed actually. Most of your stash is sock related so less balls needed, but hey, there are far worse things to get addicted to than sock yarn isn't there?

Says she who's DH bought her another ball of Regia Stretch today whilst in Exeter....but it was too pretty to resist ;)


Nice little stash! Thanks for the flash.


Okay, that's it! I have to stay away for blogs until everyone is done flashing their stashes. I have no stash. I'm stashless. My budget just doesn't allow it. So I go to these blogs and it makes me want to sneak into their houses and just dive into piles of wool, just for a while. Oh man, is there a 12 step program for this?!?!?


Somewhat restrained, but very lovely - thanks for sharing! You have great taste!


Nice stash - doesn't seem too bad to me!


Middle of the road.



Gorgeous, can I come and play at your house some time soon please? I love the colours, it's all so enticing! I think it's hard to work out quite how much yarn there is there. But I think that keeping us guessing is a good thing! A.x


Mary, I think I would say you are fairly restrained---did you see wendy's stash (zibibboisgood)? I showed my husband. Now he thinks I am a good yarn shopper!!
What is great is that your yarn is all GOOD stuff!


Very, very nice. I am extremely jealous of your Koigu ;o)


You have beautiful yarns; love the colours and the type. You need to show those yarns off and enjoy being surrounded by them; it works believe me! Thanks for flashing!


all beautiful. yum.


I have such sock envy. That Koigu and the Regia are both gorgeous! Nice stash flash.


It looks like a very well managed stash, but if you ever need a hand with losing any Koigu I'll assist in any way I can ;)


Big or not it's definitely well in order, in it's bags and all that :) The sock yarn is lovely especially!


It looks mighty close to mine, so who am I to judge! :-) As long as you have some place to store it all, go for it.

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