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April 24, 2006



I like the sound of your marathon MUCH better. Congrats on finishing those lovely socks!


Oh dear, i am currently training for a marathon. I hope i do not suffer a similar fate to Jade.

Love the socks. Perhaps i shall knit a pair of "after marathon" socks. I am sure my feet will need it.


they are beautiful - yum, fleece artist! hurrah for finished socks!

i have some 2.25mm surina wood dpns as well and have had the same experience with the tips. only i couldn't be bothered to try and fix them - instead i opted for the lots-of-swearing-every-time-the-yarn-snagged solution.


The socks are lovely and even with the extra yellow in one (which to be honest I didnt even see) the color is just gorgeous!! Lucky pal!!

And so funny you mentioned the next Sockapaloooza! I finished my pair the other day and had the very same thought! *S*


Argh I agree, there's nothing so annoying as the snagging of gorgeous, soft yarn on sock needles. Mine were surina too, funny that. Maybe we had a dodgy batch?
Jade didn't look too good did she? I saw her at 11 miles and she was walking then. Apparently she looked like she was turning blue and steaming from overheating, maybe one too many take aways and not enough training going on there me thinks.


Me too, pass the tissues.....Saturday was the first day for me, big horse chestnut tree in next doors garden came into flower, that's what always starts me off! I am going to undo my Fleece Artist socks, they were made from two skeins in the same colourway, but they look completely different. And they are too big, so shall try Wendy Johnson's toe-up pattern - do you remember, I said my New Year's Resolution was to knit a pair of toe-up socks I was happy with......


Those socks are lovely. Oh, the possibilities - all those wonderful sock patterns and gorgeous sock yarns!


Lovely socks, wonder if I'll have the same colour effect? I found the surina dps splintered! Having said that I received a pair of short 4.5mm needles which are great, maybe it's the size of the needles?

I see the yardage looks fine as well.


Great socks. I love the colors! Your sock pal should be pleased.


Those socks are GORGEOUS!! I love the pattern, the yarn....it is going to hurt to give them away, isn't it :)
Here the pollen is so thick that you can see a yellow film over all of the cars if you don't wash them EVERY day. UGH.


Those are really beautiful. That's the next pattern on my socks-to-knit list. :) Someone is going to be very happy with their socks!


My Surina 2mm set had a wonky one too, which both split on one end and bent like crazy. I wonderered if it was me, but most of the others in the set are still nice and straight. (I did notice that they are NOT all 2mm, either, by the way. Caveat emptor.)

But congratulations on your marathon win!


Those socks are really beautiful!


oooh... pretty! I love the pattern!


OHHH!!! They are gorgeous! Just LOVE them!
Hm.... I heard something about socks going over the Atlantic.... That means they could be for me, right? :)

Beth S.

Those are gorgeous. Fleece Artist--of course! What else could be that pretty? (Though Anna's great pattern certainly helps. ;-)

HPNY knits

lovely socks!! the yellow/blue differences only makes them more of a pair, like twins, but not identical... Not clones...


Ooh, they are yummy!


oye oye oye! I'm trying to finish my socks up but having drama, I'm GOING TO DO IT!! I'll be trying all week :(


Thanks for the link to Jade Goody on Wikipedia; gave me a chuckle. Lovely socks, too.


Really. Cool Yarn. Really. Cool Pattern. Really. Lucky Sockpal. Congrats and very nice job.

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