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March 06, 2006



Great socks!!! Um, my knowledge of the UK isn't so great, so I can't even hazard a guess about where you went, alas...


ooo looks cold :-)

What no post aboutthe mittens :-)

Did you get to use them this weekend?


Wales at a guess? or North Yorks? Heard they had a lot of snow up there. Socks look so pretty against the snow, like sort of alpine flowers.....


did you go up to the lakes? it looks a lot like where i was in the north west of scotland, but that's too far for a weekend really.


You didn't try Snowdon did you? I know how he likes his climbing, but in this weather!


I'm not even going to guess! Snow, mountains - could be anywhere. I hope you had a brilliant time, though I don't know how you coped wiht the height!

Mary de B

Wow, I wanna go there! Wherever it is. Scotland?


Snowden is my guess. It would be fabulous there with all the snow. Gorgeous colours on the socks, they look especially summery against they snow.


i have no idea where you were, except that it is beautiful! I would guess iceland, as they have so many flights there from UK, but that seems maybe a bit extreme for a spur-of-the-moment trip (though it would be fun regardless).



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