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March 22, 2006



This is such a fun non-meme kind of meme. :)


ooh, i love peasoup's pictures. Thank you so much for that. I'm too sick to read today, but i can always look at pictures.


I'm off to check them out now! I really must make more of an effort to surf blogland for new blogs.


I love this non-me meme


Thanks, Sweet Pea, am looking forward to meeting you, too! Will be arriving the morning of the 4th, leaving the 11th. Will likely know more when I get to England about what day(s) I'll be in London. Will tell you as soon as I find out. hugs.


Oh shucks! It's nice to have met you too!


i am sneaking into jac's suitcase (i'll just keep the yarn she'll have bought!) so i hope i will meet you in london as well this august! and there is a tiny, tiny chance i'll be over this spring, too...


"I'm set to meet Jacqueline later this year "

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - cannot wait! south london curry here i come.


OMG, South London curry....now THAT brings back memories! God I miss England!

Thanks for all the cool new-to-me links!

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