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March 14, 2006



When I sew in ends or do lace knitting, I put an audiobook on my mp3 player which helps. Don't you think that this sock trend is probably done to our cold spell? No-one feels like starting any of hte spring patterns. Usually everyone dives into the new season's books and yarns.


I'd been thinking about mitred squares, and now you may have suggested another alternative to remedying the sockless nature of my blog. ;)


The colors are lovely! Like Dawn, I listen to audiobooks or, more commonly, podcasts when I weave in ends. I save them up so that weaving ends is sort of a special treat...

I love socks, so I was ok with the focus!


I love these colours, they make me think of spring :)


from one sock-heavy knitter with a sudden realisation that baby knitting is needed to another: that is going to be one damn cute baby blanket!


All those things you said about the squares are so true they made me laugh out loud. I am having the same issues, this time with crocheted hexagons made from Noro Kureyon. I was even doing them standing up on a packed train to London Bridge this morning!


I'm making a mitered square afghan with All Seasons Cotton. It seems like I've been working on it for years.


Nothing wrong with socks, it'll be summer soon (she says hugging her cardy closer round her) and then we will all be barefoot..well I will anyway, longing for cooler days so we can knit socks again...;)


It kind of dawned on me the other day how many pairs of feet I have ie only the 1 pair - the fact I only make socks for myself (or occasionally babies). Multiply that by the amount of sock yarn I have and......well enough sock yarn to keep me going for years! And of course if and when summer arrives, the millions of flip flops I have will come out to play - so the sock knitting will have to slow down for a bit me thinks ;)


I love the mitred squares and am sorely tempted to join you in knitting a few. The cotton is calling to me!

Have you seen Kay's latest blanket creation at Mason-Dixon Knitting? It's so fabulous.


I can feel the urge to get started on some of those squares coming on really strongly but I must resist as I have WIPs coming out of my ears!!! What a lovely colour combination. It's going to make a wonderful baby blankie.

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