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March 01, 2006


Sarah HB

Now you have enough for another pair OR a small felted bag! ;)


those needles look like most of my smaller dpns after i've knit socks. i MUST learn to loosen up!

So i take it the book gets a thumbs up? It has been on my "that might be nice" list for quite some time, but as i am also more of a solids person myself, i haven't been able to justify it.

I am also bad at checking for errata. Only when i get to the point of "and how exactly is THAT supposed to work" do i even think about their possibly being a mistake in the pattern.

The mittens really do look wonderful, let me just say once more.


Look at those needles! Wow. My 2mm Addi Turbos look like that, from all the socks I've knitted.

Your mittens are lovely! Are you going to wear them or frame them? :)


i thought the bent needles was a good thing, its better on your hands because it does slowly bend like that. Some of my #3 and #4 long clover straights are very slightly bent, I find the metal ones to hard on my fingers.


Those needles need a vacation but your mitts are gorgeous!


Those mittens are most surely worthy of a gold medal - they look amazing. When I pop over for a cup of tea you can show me them!


Looks like some socks, or a matching hat, or a cute bag to me! :)


Yes, matching socks, hat or bag. At least with the latter two you can loosen up a bit and use bigger needles. It's a great book isn't it, I keep finding it on the coffee table! I find knitting on any one thing makes my arms ache, which is why I like variety.



Save them for the Christmas mitts ;)
Your needles look like I've been doing socks on them, no wonder I break them all the time!


Mary, those mittens are beautiful! Please bring them to the next meet that the Bread and Roses so I can "oooh" and "aaah" over them :-)
Well done on your gold medal too!

Ruth - WoollyWormhead

I had to laugh at a) bent needles and b) leftover yarn! That little voice always tells you you don't need it but do we ever listen?

Well done on the mittens - a perfect challenge, as you say, it's not just quantity.


congrats on the gold! the mittens are lovely and funnily enough i have been thinking about double decs for sock toes. i see no reason why it shouldn't work beautifully.

i have some dpns that look suspiciously like yours ;-)

happy weekend!


Whew, I thought it was just me, that my FIRST pair of sock needles looked like that after ONE sock.

Congrats! Beautiful mittens, very exotic, and would look striking against a simple black coat.


The mittens are wonderful. Congratulations on your gold!


Lovely mittens. How much yarn did you use? I have this book and the Latvian Mittens book and my next project will be mittens. I'll be using Jamieson and smith 2ply Jumperweight.

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