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March 30, 2006



you bought more than me, I managed some storage containers and no yarn (though silkwood had some beautiful angora-wool mix). too hot, too crowded and too much x-stitch!

Mary de B

Oooh, those dyeing packs look like fun! I look forward to seeing the results!


Mwahahahahahaaaaa! Love the kit..there will be more I promise ;)


Oh, I love that needlepoint! How cool.


Something is up in Blogland, and the knitters are getting itchy feet. Maybe it's the fault of 'Sew? I Knit', multi-talented crafters like yarnstorm, or perhaps forces of a darker, deeper, and as yet undefined nature, but the needles that are very pointy, small, work on their own and have an eye are rallying the troops and writing manifestoes. It's really exciting, and I'm no less involved (although currently hiding it from my blog), but it really is interesting to see the tide that is sweeping up so many knitters and depositing them in the murky dawn on the shores of Sewing. ;)


I think knitting and sewing of somesort go hand in hand. I always have a needlepoint cushion cover on the go as well as knitting. Something to pull out if I fancy something easy. I find it very relaxing. I usually buy one each year I am home, most often from the Ehrman shop in High St Ken.


I can't get over the fact that something that I used to drink by the gallon when I lived in the US is used to dye yarn. I hate to think of what it must have done to me... That kit looks really lovely - but please do not tempt me with more things I could do, my flat is small and I am running out of space :) A.x

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