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March 07, 2006



Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. It looks so beautiful. I have been up Snowden once, but not in the snow!!




Fantastic views, and a great way to escape from stresses of modern living (like playstations and tv!).

You look suitably flushed!


Oh, it looks like you had a fabulous minibreak! :)

Pat K

Dear Sock Sister, what beautiful pictures! A true feast for the eyes for a (not so) old lady stuck in Southern Arizona with no snow at all this winter. (Well, there was a tiny bit that weekend we spent in hospital, but that means it doesn't count.) Thank you for posting, so I can see a part of the world I probably never will see in person. Too bad, that. PS, I posted a picture of the purple sock, just to make the Sockapaloooza update.


I love all that snow - as long as I am on the inside looking out at it.....But your kids are having a marvellous childhood, what memories they'll have.


I knew it! Don't you just love it there?


Beautiful! What a treat on a damp grey midweek day.


Gorgeous photos - they bring back memories of an Easter trip I took to Snowdon many years ago and climbing Snowdon in a white out!


Wow, how beautiful! I moved away from the snow and that ALMOST makes me miss it! I am glad you guys had a great time.


Absolutely stunning pictures!


Your break looks and sounds fabulous. Apart from the 6 hour drive! We're lucky only being a 30/40 min drive to the toll bridge but we never visit Wales. Will have to soon though, as stepson lives there with his girlfriend now. Wonder if there are any LYSs on the way....


If you are going to put Crib Goch links up, I might revert to giant pictures of moths....

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