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March 09, 2006



Whoa. Um, looks a little gappy to me! I think that's just further inspired me to not do short row heels.

Sarah HB

My short row heels always have a pit of a gap in them and I HATE it.

I have been known to sew them up with yarn to cover the holes.


I hate it when that happens!

some yarns do it to me and others don't. I check when I am rejoining the heel to the other stitches and if it looks like I am going to have gaps I either twist the first stitch after the gap or (this happens more frequently) I pick up an extra stitch a few rows down and add it to the count (decreasing on the next round if I need to).

It has never happened to me with Koigu or LL, it has happened to me with CTH and Regia. Weird, huh?


This is Pamela, one of your beginner Sockapaloooza members. I am both pleased and horrified to see your short row heels...I have been struggling with a short row heel on a practice sockpal sock (ripped out 6 times!). I was pleased to see the gaps in your sock because that helped me realize that it really IS hard to do! But I was horrified because if even you have gaps, then maybe I'll never be able to master the short row heel! Oh dear. :) I'll keep plugging away at it, though, because I am determined to have a nice short row heel for my sockpal.


Well - I'm glad it isn't just me - a sock knitter returning after about 50 years without a sock on the needles!!! I began with baby socks and undid and redid the short row heel shaping until the yarn was almost felted. All OK in the end though!


I am doing short row heels with Cascade Fixation and I usually pick up a stich from several rows down then knit 2 tog. Seems to work.


Oh thank you for making me laugh! I'm glad its not just me that has ?issues? with their knitting every now and again. You've made my day.

BTW the ONLY time I ever attempted a short row heel was on a baby sock that nearly got thrown away in disgust. Then I relented, frogged it and found another decent pattern with a 'proper' heel. And after reading this, I am positive my decision to stay well away from short rowed heels was a good one!

Sue (super curly purple scarf woman)

There's nothing like an unexpected orifice to ruin ones day :-)



Are those just gaps or have you dropped stitches?
I always put the other half of the sts onto a circular, less stress on the edge sts then.
It might just be that you're doing your yarnovers (well, the wraps) too loosely? I often have a little gap, but before I start on the foot/leg, I rearrange the looseness across the stitches.

Consider japanese short rowing, you don't wrap, but mark the wrap with a spare bit of yarn, it just means less of the wrap (length) so less of a hole.

PS I would darn those holes!


Sew those babies up and no one will know the difference.


Ooh, I can't stand seeing that. I will email you a pattern that won't do that.


I had the same problem on my DB baby cash socks - but then did the double wrap thing and that solved the problem on all the stitches except the last one. And then I decided to wrap the first/last stitch of the stitches that were on hold to close the gap. And it worked. Let me know if you'd like me to attempt to explain in an email.

It snowed in Wales this weekend too! A.x

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