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March 23, 2006



I love my pencilcase, it keeps all my essential knitting gadgets together, my french teacher was surprised when I asked to borrow a pen, I then proceeded to show her it contained pencils, crochets hooks, sock needles, chibi and a pair of snips not pens!


I love these comments but it makes me covetous of yet more gadgets. My absolute favourite knitting 'gadget' is a wooden (yew) case, which has a slot down the long side so I can store my precious ebony glove needles safe from my bouncy children, with the sock-in-progress still on the needles. It's beautiful, handmade and prevents me from shouting at foolish people who sit on my knitting bag. I also have a yew version of the Chibi, made by the same, lovely, spinning wheel-maker.


Now, I need those clever little Clover gadgets to keep my dpns together. And I have already picked up a new tip. I have a water bottle that I broke the hook on and I just couldn't throw it away. It will now be used for sock knitting.

But te one gadget that I can't live with out and I just seem to keep buying are tape measures. But they have to have both US and metric on them otherwise I won't buy them. I prefer metric measurements since they are much more precise. I have no clue as to how many tape measures I own. I think that I need to try and find all of them just to see how many I own. I normally have at least 2 in each and every knititng bag. But I just can't knit without them.


And I thought I had come up with the pencil case notion holder all by myself. My favs are the impractical small pointed scissors that my mother used when she used to sew. She placed a long piece of chartruse yarn on them, so she knew they were hers. I wrap the yarn around to protect all my other notions from the pointy tip.

I also love my Chibi!


It has to be my unpicking tool, handed down to me from my Grandmother. It looks like a medieval torture instrument to be honest, but as I am spending alot of my time unravelling old and unworn hand knits right now it is invaluable. Other than that when I knit it has to be my katcha katcha row counter - great unless of course the kids get hold of it and use it as a toy. Then of course its useless!


Our pencil cases could be identical except I use a Peg-It Knitting Counter instead of a Kacha Kacha and in addition to the locking stitch markers you have (2 sets in my bag at all times as well!) I have a set of the LARGE ones too! These are great to use as stitch holders as well as all the uses you mentioned! You can see the large ones here: http://www.patternworks.com/PWShopping/partsview.asp?action=lookup&partno=300244&subject=&catpos=


I'm a clover girl as well!

Erin in Minnesota

Although it's a very new toy still I have to say that I absolutely love my GoKnit Pouch. I've use it quite a bit and i don't think I've had a single case of a center pull skein vomiting on me (vomiting here being where the yarn comes out in large tangled clumps, the untangling of which cuts into valuable knitting time).


I like fancy stitch markers.


Oh Clover gadgets are so the best! I've got mine in a lovely silver Dr Hauschka trial tin. Being metal it is of course rabbit-proof and looks ever so posh:)

Hadn't thought about using the locking stitch markers for pinning seams together though - thats a good one.

I've got the Knit Pouch which is great for a sock but find it a real struggle to close....

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