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March 23, 2006



I have eight Chibis and a green, mini Kacha counter. It has a hole so you can put it on a necklace, but it would be a kinda ugly necklace). I instead use the hole to attach it to the bottom of whatever I'm working on so I won't lose it or have to fish for it.


I can't do without my coiless safety pins and closed jump rings in a variety of sizes.


i also love the DPN holders, but the ones i really love and use are the kind with the caps with the elastic between them for holding a DPN project together. They are not as neat looking as the clover ones, but they have saved a number of projects from falling off the needles in my bag, so i love them anyway.

The Knit Klips did sound very cool. I must admit to liking gadgets in general.


I just got a new Clove mini-Kacha Kacha counter (green) that I adore. I also love my new orangey Chibi with those great smaller needles.

Plus I have a cheapo little postal scale (the kind with a clip on it to suspend the envelope) that I use for weighing sock yarn skeins to find out if I've reached the halfway point.

I also love the Clover beginning of round counters that dangle off the needle - perfect for circular knitting.

Oh, and little round rubber stitch markers. I have black, white, lime green, and purple (the fun colors are, again, from Clover - I store these all in a small "pillbox" - the kind that has separate compartments for 6 days and is about the same size as an Altoid box. I'll stop now... :)


I need some of those DPN holders. I spent last night fishing through my sock DPNs looking for 5 of the same size.

My favorite gadget is not made by Clover. It's a water bottle (that I got from a mountain bike trip) that I keep my sock DPNs in. They're protected and portable. When packing for a trip, I grab a skein or two of sock yarn and the water bottle and toss them into my bag. Instant travel knitting.


My fav gadget has to be my sheep tape measure. You know the ones from lantern moon? Mine is black. They send one black in each order to the yarn shop, since my mom works in one she snagged it and gave it to me for christmas.....I should post a picutre....

Maura Pfeifer

Wow, I've been reading your blog for months, but had no idea you'd lived in Japan. I'm currently knitting and living in Sendai, where I try as hard as possible to avoid writing kanji!

My favorite knitting gadgets... my pendant yarn cutter, by clover. My fuzzy animal print hello kitty knitting gadget holder, and my husband ;)



You've hit on all my favorite doo-dads--Chibis, Kacha-Kacha (love the new mini version, it locks!) and locking stitch markers. All must haves. Another great thing that is a little too big for your pencil case is a magnet board for charts.


Well, I don't know that it's really a "knitting gadget" but I always have a handful of paperclips in my knitting bag. I can make them into anything I need. I slip them onto the needle for stitch markers, I hang them on stitches in the knitting to mark rows, I unbend them and use them as cable needles and stitch holders and little blocking wires, and I even made a little loop in the end of one and used it as a sewing-up needle in a pinch once. It wasn't the best but it worked!


Gadgets and notions are my weakness as well. With few exceptions all my favorites are Clover products. The locking stitch markers have to top my list. After purchasing them, I divide by color and clip them together in one long chain. They are then placed in my Kath Kidston pencil case. But, the coils for holding DPNs...I must have those!


Oh man, I have to get those needle coils. I've never seen them before! google here I come! my favorite knitting gadet? Yikes. Maybe the coiless pins since I use them for seams and I buy them as often as you do locking stitch markers. Which I also have in abundance.

Pat K

Not really a gadget, per se, but indispensible to me -- a pencil and a small pad of paper goes in my knitting bag. I am always making notes about the pattern I'm working on, mostly the little changes I make so that I can duplicate it later on. But I think now that I need some Clover gadgets, too.


My knitting gadget bag must also contain a calculator!

Mary de B

I have a little case that my mom needlepointed for me in about 1975. It holds scissors and a tape measure, with darning needles poked through the fabric here and there, and safety pins on the handle. The one necessity it doesn't hold is my ruler/needle gauge thing, so it gets tossed in the big knitting bag separately.

When I had a baby and a toddler, I had a very chic (ahem) leopard spotted cosmetics bag which held a spare diaper and whatever... It would make a great little knitting bag, but it now has too many icky associations!


My yarn swift. It's an old wooden umbrella one that I got on eBay. I think it had lived in a Swedish garage for years because it was quite dusty, but I've cleaned it up. I love the look of it, the sound it makes when it goes round and the useful cup-shaped finial where you can balance half-wound balls.


ooo i like those coils! must try and get hold of some. a kacha-kacha counter is on my wish list as well. will i be able to find them in london? ;-)

fave gadgets: sticky notes for keeping track in patterns and charts and taking notes, and of course my chibi needles. that little bend is priceless.


Congrats on 200 posts!! I should hit the same milestone later this year; hopefully, I'll have enough readers by then to actually *run* a competition! How does one go about *advertising* ones blog, anyway??

Hmmm... I think my fave knitting gadget has to be my knitting bag itself. It's cute and quirky, and goes with most outfits I wear. I have no qualms about taking it out to the pub, or to a friend's house. It's big enough to hold one or two WIPs, a Rowan mag, my knitting journal and a retractable tape measure. It travels to work with me every day, and goes with me on most car journeys (assuming I'm not driving!). It all means I get a lot more knitting done than I would otherwise, and anything that increases my knitting hours is just fine by me.


A bowl! I claim no originality for this; I copied it from Kate:
http://www.kategilbert.com/archive/2004_06_01_index.html (13 June entry)
But my pathetic attempts at creating centre-pull balls make it invaluable. I do indeed carry the kitchen sink around with me; luckily a suitable silicon bowl has yet to make its way into my 'hand' (ha ha) bag, but you may just have tipped the balance...


My favourite is the Chibi curved needle. Makes sewing up seem positively pleasurable.

Sarah HB

I LOVE my row counter that slips onto my knitting needles. Although I love the Kacha Kacha, my children think it is a toy whenever they see it and immediately hit the button.

I also love my needle roll. I don't take it with me everywhere but it does allow me to keep my needles organized and in one place.

I have got to get some of those dpn doo-dads.

amber moggie

amethyst stitch markers, love the colour love the vibes from using them


I absolutely have to have my Sheepie Tape Measure. I only travel with one of the flock. Black Sheep and Dark Grey sheep usually stay at home. Shoppie comes with me. He's handy not only to measure things, especially gauge but to also keep me company. He's cute.

Happy Knitting!


wow, didn't know that you could get chibis with thinner needles. I have one, but all of my needles are stuffed into it, except for those permanently in handbags (in case of emergencies). Also, a calculator is handy, and dental floss (for holding stitches, it lasts forever).

My favourite gadget? Currently those coil things, love them! Followed closely by those stitch markers that look like little padlocks.

I must look for some at Olympia!


I love my Chibis but my ball winder comes in a close second. I'll have to check out that counter!


I'm glad I'm not the only Maggie Righetti devotee who carries everything around in a pencil case! I'm so obsessive that I've got the nail file and emergency plasters too, and they've saved my sanity many a time.

My favourite knitting gadget has to be my metal board and magnets. Wonderful for keeping your place on complicated charts. Doesn't fit in the pencil case, though.

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