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February 09, 2006



I don't get my yarn until Friday - and then only if Fred remembers to bring it! I've just worked through3 boxes of needles and cannot find a single 6mm straight or circular aargh!!!!

What's the betting there will be none on sale at the show either - see you saturday!


Oh my!! Sending you good mail vibes...


Breathe. Breathe through it and the right project will make itself apparent.

May the force be with you.


I think its part of their training - not to knock on doors when its obvious someone`s home. I`v had windows open,radio on and they still put a card through the letterbox


Hope your yarn arrived but, if not, don't stress. It may be that you'll find something more suitable when looking through your books/stash. Good luck!!!


whaaatt? 6pm?? I've not found the exact time that the flame is lit, I'm presuming that it's at the end of the ceremonies, not the beginning. I'll still be at work then. I think you might have to change your laptop if it's giving you rsi!



Oh the joys of being an Olympian! Eddie and I will sit back smirking but cheering in all the right places, we promise ;)


Oh, that's too awful! Perhaps you could regard it as a handicap - i.e. you're just giving the others a start because you know you'll catch up and overtake them? I wonder if it's the Shetland 2-ply that you ordered? I am investigating some Finnish yarn for my next pair of mittens. I watched some of the ceremony. It was quite strange, I thought!


Ooh fingers crossed! Hopefully the postman is feeling the Olympic spirit!

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