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February 04, 2006



It's all delicious! Since you have an aversion to brights, keep the gray for you or those you know who don't like brights...send the others on to good homes. Like mine ;)


Get rid of #4. I bet you would wear socks knit from #5 once you got used to them. It's not really that bright. The socks I'm knitting right now are bright - I think I put up pictures on Thursday, if you want to go into shock!


Shelagh got here first ! I was going to say send me 2,4 and 5 !!!
The only reason I didn't join this one is because you get more yarn back. If I could have just sent yarn I'd have been there.


LOL! I've been doing the same thing. I'm down to three choices. And everytime I make a decision, I change my mind again. None of my sock yarn is unloved, it's just excessive!


I'm going with 4 cause it was the only one you were clear cut about!


I voted for the green Lana Grossa, because it's the one I'd most like to receive. It's such a beautiful colour I think it would be a lovely thing to give to someone.


I thought about joining, but I'd be dithering over what to send. I bet someone like Polly (who has to knit for people with conservative tastes) would do very well out of this type of exchange!
I think an oddball exhcange would be brilliant - oddball scarves.



hey there i'd go with the yarn you know you won't use..or wear if you make socks. the person you're sending too may LOVE it...


I went with number four because that was the one that you said you definitely wouldn't use.


I chose 5 for totally selfish reasons. I'd love to see that show up in my mailbox. :)


#5! and i got some great ads in the results window, btw ;-)


I decided that it would be too much for my system to actually go see my sock yarn stash. I know where most of it is and I love it all, it's my preciousssssssss. (I must get out more ;)


Wow have you been busy! Sorry I haven't commented in a bit- I was out of town... I didn't even get the chance to tell you how wonderful I thought your tubey looked. THe fit and the style of the neckline look wonderful on you!

I have to decide which sock to knit my pal.... hard decision, isn't it?


Whaddya mean, who would wear the bright socks??? ME - I WOULD. And do, more to the point. I just love numbers 2 & 5.....drool drool! Must get some Lana Grossa sock yarn, it's one I've not yet tried but keep meaning to.

I tried to vote for number 1 but it decided not to let me. Now that colour is just not BRIGHT enough - so deserves a new home :)


2. Regia Stretch. It's almost spring and I love the colors

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