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February 27, 2006



Very glitzy cakes! I used to love doing airfix models as a child, I didn't know that you could still buy them!


What are fairy cakes??


Wow- those cakes look so yummy!! Nothing wrong either, with a little gender specific activity!
I know what you mean about looking forward to a new project. After the finishathon, I am happy to take my time with the retro ribs and pearl buck. Do you know anyone else who is knitting that sweater? I am loving it!


Congtrats on finishing the gloves in time - they look lovely and warm. Cakes look yummy too!


Sam's making chocolate ones with maltesers on top in DT at school today! I'm really looking forward to one with a large cup of tea later....


Now those are what I call proper colour fairy cakes! It's my DHs birthday next week, I bet he'd love some.

Congratulations on the mittens. They sure do look like a lot of effort went into them!

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