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February 15, 2006



Put that thought right away!

The mitten looks lovely. Does that help?!


I agree with Chris. That mitten is outstanding!


Wow- that is absolutely gorgeous! When you finish you will most definitely deserve a gold medal. That is WAY beyond my abilities- I am WAY impressed!


You'll finish with a gold! YOu might find that the wool blooms a bit after a good hot wash, which might help eliminate any stranding that shows through (can't see it in the picture).
That sock yarn looks good - is that the same one as Jill bought? I am so missing knitting the socks, have been faithfully taking the knitting on the commute!



I was going to ask if the sock yarn was the same that I bought - I do hope so, it looks great! Am bowled over by mitten - this really IS a challenge and deserves gold! Where are these mittens going to end up - box-framed on the wall?


Wouldn't it be great if they actually produced a yarn that just knitted up like that anyway? Then we really would have to worry about tension. I think once you're done it'll be fine. The more you look at it the worse you'll think it is. Anyone else will just gaze in admiration.


The mitten looks great. Love that colour of Opal sock yarn - which one is it? Must have it now!!



Your mitten looks great! I love the colorway you chose for your commute knitting sock--so bright and cheery! When the Olympic knitting has calmed down do you mind letting me know the color of that Opal? I think the Princess would love socks in those colors :O)


WOW love that Opal which one is it?


I love the mitten! I'm also doing a mitten (well hopefully 2 mittens) for the Olympics, much, much simpler, we are at about the same place. I also had a question about sockapaloooza, I did an update on my blog, I figured you'd get it that way, but I didn't see it on the blue blog, am I suppose to email you with the update?


The mitten looks lovely - a worthy olympic entry but for me, it has to be the lovely Opal sock yarn - oh, how I love a nice pair of knitted socks!

'Training'? 'Top 20'? Clearly you were too busy looking at the mitten to note the amazing and incredible and frankly insane skeleton-bobbing of the mighty Shelley Rudman ;). (Also, that mitten looks equally deserving of a medal to me).


Mittens are gorgeous. I have to try some of the Jamieson for mittens... looks very warm.


that mitten is gorgeous! i can't wait to see it finished!

which colour opal is that - it looks so pretty. (although, i am on an self-patterning sock yarn buying freeze over here!)


Wow, as usual I am in awe of your talents. I don't even know half the words you are using to describe your mittens and the techniques. I am going back to my stocking stitch cable socks... A.x

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