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February 13, 2006



I've got that colour Limbo waiting to become thick socks a la Polly's pattern! By the way, the men's downhill was spectacular and I'm glad I was watching it, unlike the ski jumping the day before when I was frogging Kidsilk Night. Still even if you're hearing it then you're there in spirit. You'll get your medal!


I usually listen to most tv, I think, unless it is really something visual, like natural history. You are doing very well with the mittens, all that new stuff to learn and be taken on board - a real challenge! I looked up the Fleece Artist stuff on Kangaroo's website, it looked absolutely nothing, so dull. Would never have bought if I hadn't seen it....


limbo is in the exact same colorway as trekking #100! Is that by skacel? i would be willing to bet it is hehe.


Ooh, I love your mittens! I'm knitting some from that book also. Aren't tiny little stitches the best?


I love your acquisitions. I haven't watched any Olympics either.

Good thing I wasn;t there or there might had been a punch up over the Fleece artist yarn ;-)


Those mittens are looking good! I want to try something like that soon... after the Olympics.. oh and all the other things I'm committed to. Dammit, I think it will be next winter!


Well done you! A great challenge - I am winging along on mine - but my challenge is to finish ;)


Sounds like mine's going a bit more smoothly than yours!

I covet your gorgeous sock yarn. :)


Lovely mittens! I must have another look at this book, there's some stunning socks in there I think. You've made quite a start, no doubt you'll finish them in time. Just a shame you can't watch tv or read on the computer at the same time!



Those mittens are gorgeous. I need to look at that book!

Delly Bean

That makes me sad about the Brighton Pier. One of my favourite days during my trip 9 years ago was spent at the Glyndebourne Opera House and wandering around Brighton. I had no idea that it's been gone for so long. Sigh.

Those mittens do look great, and like such a lot of work! Cool.


Yep I'm the same with sock yarn, figured it doesn't really count. Till I added it all to my spreadsheet and had to find a new box to keep it all ;)

And will add to it no doubt at the Shepton Mallet show in April where Web of Wool usually is. I get into awful trouble on her stand.... but no doubt won't get much else anywhere else. Good job really!

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