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February 08, 2006



Lucky you with the baby cashmere AND the Crystal Palace Bamboo circs - they are my favourite needles. We won't mention the chocolate. Do childrens' legs get narrower at the ankles? yes, I suppose they do, (years since mine did, I've forgotten). What about switching to smaller needles, instead of increasing? Would that bring them in enough?


Oh no! I haven't swiped the button yet but I want to knit in your team. Otherwise I might have to join team Wales (I have been there, I want to go again and I like daffodils and leeks, so I qualify). I hope you'll be OK.


Oh no... the suspense, the suspense! Hope you make the team!

What wonderful mail you've been receiving, I must say.

Hmm, re the sock - When I make short socks, I generally have the same number of stitches as for the foot, no decreasing for the ankle. However, I always do the leg bit in something ribbed, so it looks smaller.

Most of what keeps handknit socks up is the heel fit, I think - so if that's ok, I would guess you'll be ok.


Thread some spare yarn through the live sts and have a fitting - it may be ok and not too wide, and although the ankle is narrower, you can still ahve baggy ankle socks, which won't look the same as baggy mid-calf socks! They can't fall down, can they?

My training has been dreadful, probably 1/2 hrs worth, but fear not, tomorrow I Cast On! I'm rushing through a couple of current wips, see if i can finish them before Friday!


I won? Woohoo!! I figured when I saw the name that it was one of the other 8,000 knitbloggers named Jessica. :) Thanks!


:-) I'm glad you liked the unloved sock yarn!


My son has slim ankles but wide feet and heels, nearly 4 inches wider around the heel than the ankle.

I had to take out his last pair of socks 3 times before I could get them to fit correctly.

Cast on a little snug for the foot and knit as usual. When you turn the heel and are ready to pick up for the guesset, leave more stitches on than you origanly cast on for the leg.

If this makes no sense, email me. Maybe after some sleep I can make more sense.


I LOVE your unloved sock yarn! Very pretty.


Glad you liked your parcel - thought the Chocolate would remind you of home!

I too am having health problems for the Games - a wrist pain - not helped by Physiotherapy - but will knit through it! (Is that bad in the name of the Olympics)


I just start with the usual number of stitches for my trainer or ankle socks - as long as they're ribbed to start for a few rows that should be fine. And the great thing is they so much quicker to knit!

I'm planning on using my Opal Petticoat next. Well, thats the plan.....

I blame you. I've gone and ordered 2 balls of Lana Grossa sock yarn. But it's from Germany and they haven't even sent the order yet......if you have any recommendations let me know :) I want some NOW!!!

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