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January 30, 2006



I've started a pair of socks and have some pooling going on, but I worked out the stitches and I'd need to knit either tiny socks or giganitic socks to get interesting patterning. I don;t have too much yardage, but maybe you could try entrelac socks? Or a mosaic pattern with a second yarn to break it up a bit. I might try this as well!


Nah - I'm thinking it will be some nice Diesel coloured yarn winging it's way to you that will help!


hopefully you'll find a better pattern for your yarn! have you seen the yahoo group six sock knit along? they have some great patterns if you're wanting to be challenged. sockbug also has some great patterns. sometime sock yarn just isn't happy till it finds the right pattern
good luck
my dd alway wants to wind everything when i get my winder out... i'm like hey save me the sore arm! lol


The Opal Petticoat will definitely do the trick, you can't help but love it.


Two weeks ago I started three projects in a week and ripped back everyone of them - I blame the weather.....but if it isn't working for you, it isn't working. I liked the safari socks, and that rose colour is gorgeous, but sorry, I have no helpful suggestion to make about pooling. Have found a lot of free sock patterns on Knitting Pattern Central - perhaps you could have a look there? but it will take you some time, there are a LOT of patterns.....


I saw 'water' in the heading and thought you had had another flood!


I love the broadripple pattern, but I just have the regular pattern. Did you do the adaptation for the non stretch yarn, or did you find a link? I'd love to do this pattern in a non stretch yarn from my SockapalOOOza pal. Any suggestions?
PS. I love your blog! :)

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