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January 29, 2006



More lowkey than yours, which sounds very fun. Those Heelys are bizarre! I wonder if we have those over here?

Although I did go to a cat show with a friend yesterday - so interesting to see all the different breeds, many of which did not look much like cats to me!


Sounds like you had fun! I was in the store the other day and a little girl wizzed by me...I had to do a double take, she had the skate shoes on!

I can say we have never had a family outing that didn't involve at least one fight or the sheading of tears. I chalk it up to haveing 3 little ones....oh and usually it's ME sheading the tears!


Nice and quiet! The boys went to a party, I delivered a few leaflets for the church and got obsessed with intarsia in the round. I have cracked it and am knitting an argyle sock (I may never knit its mate, though). Your day sounded really good - you're so right about the need for regular food on family outings!


Hi mary,
We were up westend yesterday and saw them dogs, we must have just missed each other. We all had lots of fun too.


I was watching a boy at the airport last summer gliding around on Heelys. Result? Two sons who wanted them right there and then, regardless of flight timetables. I shall keep them away from that site ;)

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