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January 22, 2006


Sarah HB

Great photo. It looks great on you and it is nice to see a photo of you!

I am sorely tempted to knit this pattern....although it will be too hot in Arizona before I finish it to wear it this winter!


Very flattering. I like it in all one color. It really looks fantastic!


oh it looks gorgeous on you! great FO.


I love your Tubey, especially the shortened sleeve version. I think that is going to have to be on my "Must Knit" list.


Fabulous! I love your one color version.


Oh Mary Mary quite contrary - she is a lovely looking Tubey! Sorry about the whale - it was on our news last night. Must have been a great "life" experience for the kids of London though - bet the school teachers are loving the whole thing.


Wow! I didn't much like it in Knitty, but it looks amazing on you. I may have to dig out some of my stashed Cashmerino Aran.


Very lovely and flattering!


Wow Mary
It looks fantastic!!!


Love it!! I never even thought of doing it in just one colour but I think I actually like it better this way. Good call!


This is so chic in black. Love the neckline.


your tubey looks great! good idea to make solid, without stripes. i'm knitting tubey as well, but i didn't like it the way i knitted it. now your example gave me motivation again!!!
nice blog! will read here again...


that looks fantastic mary! you're right ... it is a very flattering knit! hmmm - do i need something else on my to do list? argh!!


Tubey looks great on you, Mary! Good work.


This is a brilliant design for you, it really suits you!
Yes cashmerino pills badly. The only time this hasn't happened with me is with my baby cashmerino socks, knitted at a tighter tension. It hasn't stopped me knitting wiht it though.

I don't suppose all of that manhandling helped the whale either, although it had to be done, but I'm thinking that it probably was sick in the first place, to have gotten lost and swam up the Thames. I hope that was the case, and we didn't unintentionally kill it trying to get it back into the sea!



Oh no.....! Well that's it I'm going to have to wear a bucket over my head to stop me from being tempted by all these wonderful knits. It looks so good, I feel a nervous twitch coming on, bloomin' stashalong!


It looks fabulous!! I love it in one color and, you're right, that's a great neckline. Congrats to you.


Tubey is lovely! Its a definite knit for me soon. Probably not this winter though...

I have had "problems" with the Cashmerino Aran that I used to knit Pinup Queen. It has bobbles & bits all over it. But it is so soft to wear that it doesn't really bother me too much. Maybe I need to get a "sweater shaver" or the Sweater Stone!

I felt so sad when I heard about the whale. It was on the radio and TV here in the States too.


Drat! and I was going to be so good about not buying more stash too ... definitely is going on my Must Knit list


really gorgeous... I think I might need one too ;-)


really gorgeous... I think I might need one too ;-)


really gorgeous... I think I might need one too ;-)


It looks great - especially the neck line! I've very temped now.........if only I can finish the mountain of UFOs lying around first!!


Tubey is beautiful....I MUST knit that next!


I love your Tubey - it looks great on you!

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