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January 02, 2006



What a great idea! I might just have to borrow it. I still haven't renewed my Rowan membership as I haven't knitted anything from the last couple of issues.


Indeed, that's a very clever idea! Hmm. Hmm. I might have to borrow it, too.


what a wonderful wonderful idea. i also own a gathering of lace and have been eyeing off the frost flowers and leaves shawl. so if you are struggling for what to pick - do that one!!!

i'd be tempted to join you if i didn't have so much currently on the go.


Yes that's me 100%. Good idea Mary. I'm guessing now, is it socks or Tubey for first finished item of 2006?


I love the pattern reduction plan! I also may have to steal that idea, although i really should combine it with using up yarn from my stash as well when possible.

Now i am excited to get home tonight and sort through my books and magazines.


Love the Book of the Month approach it fits in well with my own review of last year. I'm leaning more towards a UFO of the month !

Happy New Year


That's exactly how I feel. Too many books, magazines and patterns (yes, those too!) and not enough knitting. I thought about picking a book a week to just read through again, but I can't keep up with novels at the moment! Much better to actually knit something! I only subscribe to vogue, IK and Rowan, but still too many new distractions!


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