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January 08, 2006



those gloves are gorgeous... but socks are more practical than gloves... but I lose gloves more than socks ... but I have perpetual cold feet ... but i also have perpetual cold hands....

Well nonetheless what a great start to the new year


I love the gloves! All those fingers have always intimidated me...


I have made quite a lot of gloves - but not recently. My mother used to churn them out every winter, in 4 ply yarn, no pattern, used up odd bits of different yarn for the cuff and sometimes the thumb. I prefer them with a thumb gusset, and knitting the thumb straight away. Were yours done on 4 needles - Mother and I just used two, with a side seam.


I love the gloves. Then again I am partial to koigu. Seeing yours is an inpsiration to maybe knit some? But then again, I am not allowed to start any new projects till I get my one sweater done *sigh* OH the trauma of seeing someone else knit something awesome!


gorgeous kitty gloves! welldone! i'm supposed to be trying my first pair for nona's KAL too, but time is running out...


Classy gloves too and what a lovely way to be able to admire Koigu at all times!


I dunno, between you and Tracy, it's socks, socks, socks!

I quite like the idea of gloves, and have some koigu - did you use two skeins or three?

My grown up boy has been spending long hours on Age of Empires as well. I couldn't get on the computer ALL day! We have III to play after this one gets boring. You can get addons as well you know.



Well done for conquering the Glove Phobia - now if only I could conquer the Garment phobia


If you have 1 1/2 skeins left you could make ME a pair of cat-gloves to perfect your technique! Just a thought.

Mary deB

Beautiful colours in those gloves!


The gloves look lovely. I do know what you mean though. Once done, you not particularly keen to go back there again! Now I have fingerless mitts and flip top ones I figure I can get away with making any more proper fingered ones for quite a while ;)


Love the calendar!


The gloves are definitely beautiful. I love them. I'm working on the icord gloves now in Koigu KPPM. The colors are fun to work with too.

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