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January 12, 2006



Hmmm. Let's see. Jaywalkers?

Your socks look great! Sounds like your secret pal experiences went well (poor Sam tho).


lovely socks, I think I also bought that colour? And your branching out scarf looks great - I must knit that some day. I wouldn't even guess at your popular pattern without further clues, such as socks, shawl or sweater?
what a bummer that sam's pal never came through, it's bad enough when you're an adult and your skp lets you down, but must be much worse if you're a child (and your sibling is getting excited about parcels!).


i'm thinking jaywalker too, I'm seeing them EVERYWHERE!


I was going to say Jaywalkers too!


I was going to say Jaywalkers too.......


Have you seen these jaywalkers?


Yes Jaywalkers are what went thru my mind when reading your post as well - wonder if you will prove us all wrong though.
Once again I'm glad that Josie liked her pressies and yes Lauren will stay in touch. It is a shame for Sam though as he must have felt disappointed when Josie kept getting stuff. Makes you wonder why people sign up for these things if they are not going to stick to their end of the bargain.


Hi Mary. Hope you're feeling better. I've started a blog: Thumb Gussett. See what you think!


Lovely socks, how long do you normally make your leg? I've got socks short,long in between and I've still not settled on the perfect length. Those look rather nice. As for the yarn, I think it looks very similar, the lambswool slightly smoother maybe.


Sorry to hear Sams pal didn't come thru. Please email me your address as I would like to send him a little something as a surprise to help make up for the disappointment. I am going to say Clapotis re the popular pattern - mainly because its something I want to do too and its been around for ages.


LOVELY scarf - lucky you!

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