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January 15, 2006



That's the length I like too - the Curious Yarns ones are five and a bit, but looking to see at how much variegated yarn I had left I could have done six inches. Which size Jaywalkers are you doing and on what needles (I use 2.25 for almost all socks). Serengeti looks a very African sort of colour......I do like it.


Another pattern might be something like peak experience, which is lacier (and might not use as much yarn!) or broadripple?

I also knit chris's with an 11" foot and leg, tedious! He claims he doesn't want any more socks, he has enough! So I will start knitting for other people now.

Jill's Curious yarn socks are lovely btw. The colour runs are short and just look great.



There's a sock pattern in "Socks Socks Socks" - a feather and fan? Maybe these want to be lacier, as Dawn suggests.


I hate when I catch a yarn I love and can't find the pattern that fits. It just is a bug.

Sometimes working the yarn from both ends helps.


i knit to 7 inches too. it always seems to be the perfect length...long enough to wear but not long enough to drive me insane during the knitting process. i've come to the conclusion that i just have to be the worst sock knitter in the known universe. i get so bored at times.


So 7 inches for me next time then, thanks for that. I really like the Serengeti colour and doesn't CTH feel nice flowing through your fingers? I wonder why you're having issues with finding that perfect pattern, maybe it just needs simplicity so let the colours do the talking?

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