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January 24, 2006



Everyone is just joining all sorts of things like crazy! I picture us all waking up on February 1st and wondering what the heck happened.


What am I waiting for?!

One where I give someone sock yarn and they give me non-sock yarn ;-)


Love all these kals - just need to finish off this vintage sock kal and River by 31st, and then plan my olympian task!


Sharon J

Errm... it looks a bit on small side to me. The button, that is. Maybe it's just me but all I can see is like purple blob. ~Sharon


I had to laugh out loud when I saw the GB buttons for the Olympics! I can't choose which to use though!!

As for your button , it actuatlly needs to be a lot bigger! Its a mini-button.



That Liberty button made me laugh! Good on for the GB Olympic ones too... though I'm not joining ;)

Got your comment on my blog re. your sister & trucks. Having problems trying to email you (blogger doesn't like me) so posting here instead! A truck that's had some work done is absolutely great by us - might mean we get on the road quicker! I'd be really grateful if you could ask her :) And new contacts on other sites are always handy. My email is whiteroomsouth@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you!


I see Mason-Dixon are suggesting a Slackers' Olympic Challenge - you have to knit a swatch through any Olympic Event - that's more like me! I think Tubey looks terrific on you, well-done. (Late comment as I was off-line for five days....)


Love the Liberty training Squad button!


I love tubey it will have to go on my list of things I want to knit, I am off now to see if I can put the Liberty button up.
See you later?


Aha! I can see the button today! All I had was a purple blob the other day. Are you still working on it or can I help in any way...mind you, that might be famous last words ;)

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