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December 10, 2005



I'm glad you did this meme- it's fun to learn things about you that we wouldn't know!

I think Tubey is really cool. I think the next thing I knit for myself (besides the scarf and fingerless mitts I am making) is the Pearl Buck Swing Coat in the new Interweave knits. It's such fun knitting for yourself, isn't it??


Oh, my sister got me playing those shooty-ball games -- I love them!

Sharon Jacobsen

I have to know more about this shooty ball games! What are they? They sound fascinating! Mind you, I already stay up late enough so maybe yet another thing to grab my attention wouldn't be a good idea.... or? Oh sod it! What are they?



Butterflies??? Seriously? Too funny. Anyway, do you know about Snood? If you like shoot-little-colored-balls games, you'll go ga-ga for Snood. I've lost manymanymany hours of my life to Snood. And I don't regret a single minute of it.


tubey's interesting, isn't it? I didn't know you had a phobia about butterflies - no chance of you visiting any butterfly houses then!


nice one.. we have similar phobias.. although it's not just butterflies.. all bugs . yuck!


I didn't learn to drive until I was 48, so you have plenty of time...

Butterflies sounds an odd sort of phobia, but then I have a 42 year-old daughter who is still frightened of pansies - when she was little we had to cross over the road to avoid any garden with pansies in it, she has now got past that stage, but stil shudders when she sees them.


I'm trying to imagine Rus le Roq appearing in Gladiator, doesn't have quite the same ring somehow does it for some reason? I'm impressed by the black belt bit. If ever it turns a bit rough at Ally Pally or anywhere with sale yarn, it could turn out to be very handy ;)


Snap on Bangkok and the butterfly thing. I really used to freak if anything mothy/butterflyey used to come near my face but I'm ok now. Still don't like it but don't weird out anymore.

Do you still practise Kendo? I did Judo as a kid, then Taekwondo as an adult then Kick Boxing after till not long before I met my husband. Boy I just LOVED kick boxing. These days its more likely to be yoga......


scary! I think we shared the same teenage stomping grounds - old Rus Le Roq, used to complain to my sister because I wouldn't go out with him, all I remember is the open neck shirts and medallions (shudder)

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