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December 01, 2005



hi mary
not sure what is going on, i've had to reload your blog a few times - it could be typepad.
I can see what you mean about the scarf - but it's quick! I've also crocheted the one in rowan 28 which is longer but as quick. I have 2.5prs of men's socks and a scarf, then that's it, no more for me, I'm giving up! Life is too short!



Try thinking 'choir-boy look' or 'elizabethan ruff' instead of 'freakish clown', and see if that makes you feel better ...? Or wander along to curlywhirly.blogspot.com, and join in the fun there.


I bet it doesn't look half as bad as you think it does. I'm still thinking about making one....well I was ;)


I am sure it looks better than you think, get somebody else to model it and see what they think.


no, ro said exactly the same about the one I knitted, so she's getting it as a present! (That'll larn 'er!)


Well they seem to be so popular...so just gift it to someone and don't try one on again!!!


Well that explains the growing yarn stash then. You mean just thinking about knitting doesn't count????

So nice of your husband. I'd have replied in not so polite a fashion... I stick to my guns and point blank refuse to knit for anyone apart from newborns. Those deadlines are just a killer aren't they.

I personally can't see me in a curly wurly scarf either but people just love them. Hope you get all your gifts done in time. And your socks too!


I've finished my green jumper, which means I've knitted something that isn't small! Paradoxically you seem now to be knitting many smaller things (mind you, casting on 700 stitches...)

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