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December 30, 2005


Sarah HB

Great photos.....I am toying with making Tubey myself but all in one color or maybe just a wee bit of color.

Yours looks great!


lovely photos ...hope that you all fun while you were away and I look forward to seeing you in the new year ;o)


There's a Tubey Knitalong just started! It's at:


I don't think it's been as cold as this for a long time, perfect stomping about on the moors weather. Looking forward to seeing Tubey as your first finished item of the New Year. Have a great one!


What a fantastic picture that last one is! Makes me miss that side of the Atlantic.


I, too, am loving those photos - the last one makes me want to do that swap with you in person....keep safe in 2006 and I will send your parcel off soonish....


The snow must have just missed you, even we had some yesterday in North Somerset. Not that I ventured out in it or anything......We saw Charlie & The Chocolate Factory over the holidays but preferred the original. Madascar, now that was real good fun. Enjoy your New Year celebrations!


What a wonderful picture of the horizon. Lovely.

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